The Race is on to Asheville, NC: Find Me a Bike!

starting line
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OK, after some reluctance I have been persuaded to post publicly about my need to find a rental bike in Asheville, North Carolina. Perhaps the gods in the cycling community will be able to help me. I’ve emailed shops directly, with only one positive response: but they only rent from Spring to Fall. Sorry. It’s 50 degrees down there right now, which sounds like spring/fall weather to me. I will be traveling there for a short jaunt within the “winter” season. They have such wonderful terrain being located near the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Appalachian Trail. It would be a shame to be in a mountain biking community and not be able to mountain bike–especially when the conditions are absolutely perfect!!! What gives Asheville?!? If anyone who lives near or in Asheville is reading, please help! I just want to ride a bike for a day, and I’ll pay you for it! If you have any info, email us at sipclipandgoATgmailDOTcom. Thanks cycling community!


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2 responses to “The Race is on to Asheville, NC: Find Me a Bike!”

  1. ash says :

    i’ll put the word out for you. good luck!

  2. Karen says :

    Thanks Ash!!

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