How I feel after I ride

How I feel after I ride
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Just finished a nice workout, and I have to say since I started using the trainer–this one really felt like a workout. I’ve been doing the minimum–about 30-35 minutes just to keep some exercise in my life. It all helps, but I pushed a little further today & did 43 minutes, dripped sweat like a runny faucet nearly the whole time, and really enjoyed myself. 20.5 mph, 15 total miles, maximum speed of 34 mph, cadence of about 80. Good stuff. It’s definitely a different experience spinning vs. actually riding, and I can see this getting old rather quickly unless I am clever about keeping motivated. Last spin was done while watching The Biggest Loser (that strategy was most effective). This time I played the on demand dance mix on TV and rocked out the the Gap Band (Burn Rubber–Why You Want to Hurt Me?). Yeah. I know. I am a child of the 80’s–what can I say. I think I actually still own this album from when I was in high school. So–I was jazzed & having some fun

Actually, I’m pretty pleased about staying active at all in December, as I am usually wayyyyyyyyyy to busy at work to consider much else in my life other than work. Factor in a demanding 3 years old. Factor in the demands of the Holidays in general. Factor in that during my busy season, I will walk 10-12 miles daily on hard concrete with just the thinnest of rugs under foot (I wore a pedometer one season and was quite surprised at how far I went in 10 hours inside one little building). This is, after oh, 15 years or so, starting to take a toll on my body. For the first time ever, I’m actually having back pain & joint pain. I really don’t want to feel mortal just yet, so today’s spin helped. And cycling is much easier on the knees   🙂     Best–Karen


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4 responses to “How I feel after I ride”

  1. Heather says :

    You feel green after you ride?

  2. Karen says :

    If I go hard enough–yes, oftentimes I do feel a little green. But RIPPED….

  3. Dorothy W. says :

    That sounds great! I’ve been avoiding the trainer, because I really can’t stand it, although I suppose I could make it easier by watching TV. But I’d rather ride when it’s in the teens than ride on a trainer!

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