You can never have too many

While riding around the other night, I didn’t feel 100% comfortable. I had two front lights, but no rear. I felt I would garner more sympathy from the jury if I could say I was properly equipped. I now have dual lights in front (one on the handlebar and one on the helmet), and dual lights in the rear. The front ones are from Turbocat, but I have two different models for the rear system. The one in the photo above is the Sigma Sport tail guard, and I decided to attach that one to the DB. It can attach to your jersey or bag, too. The other one is from a company I had never heard of before, the name is Fun. I bought their Safety 180 pro, and will attach that one to me. The company’s web site only had red and clear available*. Mine is a spiffy purple when off, but bright red when on. My local bike shop had a few other color options, too. Sorry, as soon as I saw purple, I forgot the other ones.

*3/18/08 Fun Source updated their web site ande all color options are shown


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2 responses to “You can never have too many”

  1. mixte says :

    I agree, one can never have too many lights. I’ve been teased (good-naturedly of course) by my friends because I’m lit up like a Christmas tree at times. At least I’m visible!

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