Trying out the Nokians in some weather

I’m not going to have to go to the gym if this snow keeps up. My new St. John exercise program? Shoveling the driveway; I got two ” workouts” in today. After round two, I hopped on the DB (Diamondback Ascent) to try out the Nokian Extremes. My road had not seen a plow, yet, so the conditions were crappy. Definition of crappy? Packed snow from vehicles and a good 2 feet of the roadside with several inches of fresh snow, making it unusable for me (see above photo). If I maintained a particular speed, the DB tracked perfectly and I cruised right along. Getting to that speed the bike felt like it was all over the place. Anything over that speed, and the rear wheel would slide out or feel like it was going to. I’ve tried riding in similar conditions without studded tires, and ended up on the ground in no time at all. The tires were definitely a benefit, even if tonight’s conditions are not what the owner of the local bike shop said their intended use is for. I think he said they were more for icy spots and blown snow on the road. Also, if I was trying to ride through a few inches of fresh snow covering ice. I decided to get off the road because there were people crazy enough to be out there in their vehicles. A smooshed Heather, is an unhappy Heather.


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3 responses to “Trying out the Nokians in some weather”

  1. Karen says :

    Yeah, you are definitely the crazier one of us. I don’t care how much I like to rocket downhill on the bike. No way you’d catch me outside today unless I had my snowshoes on.

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