Cue the Rocky theme

In this corner, weighing in at…

I won’t bore you with the details, but needless to say I am not even close to my fighting weight. Let me just clarify this right now, that losing weight is NOT a new year’s resolution for me. The queen of procrastination does not do resolutions, for any reason. I’m close to perfect, go ahead and ask me. Well, except for the weight thing. The real reason is the significant other and I are going to St. John in February for my 40th birthday. I would like to start the 4th decade off in decent shape and work from there. My attempts to go to the gym before my 7am start time at work have been, how should I describe it, non-existent. I thought maybe I could try going in the evenings, but the thought of driving did not thrill me. I wondered what I would need to make an evening gym commute safe on the bike. Studded tires and a lighting system were two big items. Want to guess what I bought myself? I put the tires on the other night (30 minutes to install the first one, but only 17 for the second one), and charged up the batteries. I took a quick spin around the block and was hooting and hollering like a 5 year old on Christmas morning*. I do need to get a red light for the back, but I think that will do it for the new bike toys. Here’s to my theory that by making it fun to get to the gym, I will actually go. I did mention I was the queen of procrastination, right?

*Or, like this 39 year old when I opened up my new ipod. The trainer (for those really bad days) is not looking so much like a torture device now.


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