Doing It Indoors

Doing It Indoors
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It’s been 5 days since I set up my bike on the trainer and by golly, I’ve spun 3 of the 5. Riding indoors is a switch–I find myself wanting an attachment for my handlebars to store the remote control. I am so lame. Also, you don’t get the natural cooling effect of riding through the air. You’re stuck in one spot, except for the pleasant breeze the rear wheel moves across my back. It occurred to me to set up a fan to help whisk away some of the heat pouring off my body, and then I felt like even more of a wuss. It’s bad enough I’m watching television, whining about not having a remote control caddy installed on my handlebars, but a fan to cool myself too? Have I lost my steel so quickly by moving indoors?  I remind myself part of what I like about cycling is pushing myself.  It just feels counter-intuitive to do it within the comfort of my home.  If there wasn’t more than a foot of snow and ice on the roads I’m pretty certain Heather would be tearing me off my trainer and throwing me outside. –Karen

PS–We’ve already surpassed total snow accumulation totals for last season here in Massachusetts, and we’re not out of December yet.  me thinks I better get used to the trainer……


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6 responses to “Doing It Indoors”

  1. craigdurkee says :

    awesome,, thinking of getting a trainer, do you think you ll stick with it or crave for the open roads

  2. Karen says :

    I will always crave open roads. I think the trick will be finding something stimulating to watch on TV and not thinking too much more about it. If I contemplate it too much, it will depress me. But already my legs are feeling stronger and harder, like they did last summer 🙂 And that isn’t depressing at all…..

  3. mainevelophile says :

    Hey Karen,
    Definitely set up that fan in front of the bike. You aren’t a wuss for doing so. It will help keep your core temp down so you can work longer and stronger! When I go to spin class I take over the biggest bad-ass fan I can find and point it right on me. Really makes a difference. Not to mention you can envision yourself flying down those decents and breakneck speed!!!

  4. Karen says :

    Ahhhh, now that’s what I needed. Some logic to justify my desire to keep comfortable during my spin. But now I’ll HAVE to go longer in order for the logic to hold up 🙂 (How much longer are we talking?) Thanks!!

  5. mainevelophile says :

    Just long enough until you can’t take it anymore, then add 10 more minutes!

  6. Karen says :

    LOL, There goes that comfort I was seeking!

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