I’m better now

I decided to run some errands on the bike today. I went to one of the local bike shops to finish some Christmas shopping. I can’t tell you what I got because someone who reads this blog might be able to figure it out. It was around 25 degrees (Fahrenheit), and I felt fine. I was wearing cargo shorts (stylin’ in Old Navy), a base layer under a cotton long sleeve T, and a Helly Hansen fleece that is windproof. Hikers and smart wool socks on the feet, Marmot gloves (the fingertips expressed a little outrage, but not much), and my turtle fur skull cap. If you don’t have a turtle fur skull cup for under the helmet, get one! If I was going to go out and just ride, with no warm pit stops, I would have worn my Pearl Izumi tights. As you can tell, I’m not trying to rack up any style points.

I had to ride more in the road than normal because of all of the snow and slush on the sides. I don’t have heavy knobbies on the around-towner and didn’t feel like testing the tread in the winter mix. There was not even one horn beeped. Most people even gave me a wide berth, though, their were two idiots who went by a little close for comfort. Maybe they had a little too much holiday cheer at their local drinking establishment, and thought they were seeing things. “A cyclist, in shorts, out today? Damn, I’m going right home.” Whatever the case, it was nice just to be out on the bike. Maybe Santa will bring Karen a turtle fur skull cap and she will join me.


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