Mama Wants a New Ass for Xmas


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Well, I’m finally set up to ride indoors. And with the 10 new inches (and still falling) of fluffy white snow in my driveway, any riding I do will HAVE to be on the trainer. The part took a week to come in–just a simple rear skewer to make my bike compatible with the trainer. I got the part, grabbed my bike to install it, and discovered I had a flat rear tire. I have no mechanical skills and no spare. So I waited for my next day off to go to yet another bike shop (closer to home) for a new tube. where I was convinced (ok–it didn’t take much convincing) to get a cheaper tire for the rear wheel only to be used for the trainer. This made sense to me. No reason to trash the nice tire on the trainer, right? So he set me up nicely, and even adjusted my cables a bit. I got home and rode for 30 minutes while watching the mid day news and weather report: 6-12 inches expected. As I rode the first flakes started to fall.

I’m doing this because I’m at a critical point: it looks unlikely that we’ll experience enough of a thaw and melt off so that I may ride, and that any possible thaw and melt off may actually occur on one of my few days off. I’m still interested in riding, but my natural inclination to hibernate is starting to take me over. If I can just ride a little bit a few times a week I’ll be able to fight off the holiday calories and keep the legs fresh enough so I don’t have to start from scratch in the spring like I always do. Plus I’d like to maintain that little lift in the posterior I’ve achieved from training all summer for the LIVESTRONG Ride. Now that I’m older, I need every advantage I can get! –Karen


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6 responses to “Mama Wants a New Ass for Xmas”

  1. goodbear says :

    where did you order that from? i was wanting to get one.

  2. Karen says :

    My local bikeshop did the honors of ordering the part. They said new trainers usually come with a spare skewer, but I got mine second hand. It’s a $10 part. Hope this helps!

  3. brkeyes7 says :

    Love your headline! Ive been on the trainer about a dozen times so far this winter and it gets harder each time. Have fun with it.

  4. jaybuddy says :

    Riding on the trainer is part of life… embrace it. 🙂

  5. Karen says :

    Thanks! It’s hard to stay motivated indoors. I need to start watching tour de france videos and indulging my rich imagination (very rich)

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