2008 New York Langster

NY Langster
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I was at my local bike shop in waiting for the clerk to check on a part I ordered when I saw this bright yellow bike with black and white checks down the top tube. The handlebars were weird…short and stumpy. I glanced over at the other bike shop clerk who was enjoying a cup of coffee and watching me watch the bike. “OK” I said, “what’s with the handlebars?” I think he was happy to do something. As a person who makes their living in retail, it’s a rough year and there isn’t a lot of people out there shopping. Plus this shop had converted most of it’s goods to the ski season, and about 75% of the gear were snowboards, snowshoes, skis and winter clothing. Maybe he was just another frustrated cyclist who puts up with selling skis for half the year just so he has the pleasure of talking cycles the other half. Anyway, he was happy to educate me. The handlebars were short and stumpy so your didn’t hit the cars as you were weaving in and out of traffic. The bike, a 2008 Specialized Langster was designed for city riding. This was the New York Edition. Apparently, Specialized made several models geared (pun intended) for specific cities like Boston (home), Seattle, London and Chicago. The NY Langster was made like a NYC Taxi cab. This was a fixed speed cycle, which the clerk raved about for training purposes. But these Langsters are actually in limited release, numbered, and seen largely as a bike to be collected, not ridden. Criticisms include the tense, sometimes violent relationship that exists between cyclists and bike messengers in NYC with the fleet of NYC Cab Drivers. Having a bike that resembles a NYC Cab demonstrates Specialized not being dialed in to actual cyclists living in NYC. Perhaps the marketing team at Specialized was thinking of the Baby Boomer with too much money in his 401K and a penchant for bikes and cool cities like NY and Seattle. And at $740, what’s another cool bike in the garage? All snobbery aside–it was a fun bike, and in the end, I think that’s all that matters.  –Karen


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One response to “2008 New York Langster”

  1. Heather says :

    At least one of us is still posting. I would like to mention my holiday crabbiness is heightened by the fact I have not been on the bike since…let’s not talk about it.

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