Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike? It’s Coming…….

I found this surfing wordpress, so I certainly don’t deserve the credit here, but check this link out for a photo and blog on a carbon fiber mt bike.  I say–WICKED COOL.  A 2.75 pound frame?  Ask me how frickin’ heavy my mtn bike is.  As Heather will tell you, it gets heavier the steeper the hill, the longer I am into the ride 🙂 

I guess my main concern with a bike this light is ….how will it track?  I love racing downhill fast, and the fact that I have a bike so heavy give me lots of stability and staying power when those rocks and roots come flying from all directions.  Plus the momentum I gain from the extra weight adds to my speed.  I would love my bike to be lighter so that I could climb better, as I am a terrible climber. 

Hey, link up and tell me what you think…


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Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

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