Ready and Waiting

Ready and Waiting
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This shot was from last week, when Heather & I rode Chesterfield Gorge/River Road. Since then it has snowed, and more significantly, iced. I did my grocery shopping at 8 this morning and it was still just a mere 18 degrees.

This is the time of year I fear–the time I have mojo but the cold weather tries to snuff it out. That’s why today I’m headed to my local bike shop, Competitive Edge in Hadley to hook me up with a part that will allow me to use my trainer and spin indoors.

More on that later. Until then, I’ll be waiting…….


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2 responses to “Ready and Waiting”

  1. markowe says :

    It’s that time of year… I have all but given up on cycling, and am cataloguing my cross-training woes over on my blog, so I know exactly how you feel.

    But I am just not sure about those trainer thingies – I mean, it’s great for keeping up the cycling fitness, but I always have this feeling that with cycling indoors with a trainer, away from the mountains, forests and lakes, you get all the torture of cycling with none of the benefits 🙂

  2. canary11 says :

    Agreed. But I guess I am of the mind that something is better than nothing. I used to watch old Tour de France videos while spinning, and my imagination got a workout too, but that’s hard to keep up. At this point, I’m just trying not to put on any (more) weight, and not lose the v in my thigh I’ve worked so hard for 🙂

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