Joy and sadness

Karen and I had a blast riding in the Pioneer Valley today. It was one of those moments were the trail was perfect for the time we had, the weather, and our mood. We followed the Westfield on an old road that is no longer in use. We were close to the five mile mark when we came to a gate and a sign that said further access beyond this point was by foot only. We had been under the impression that we could ride right through to Huntington, but apparently not. We turned around and headed back which was probably best because Karen’s feet were starting to freeze up. It was a really great ride, hence the joy.

Now for the sadness part. My bike took a tumble while driving home. A mile from my exit on the highway, I catch movement in my rear view mirror. There’s my bike doing a damn fine impression of drafting my vehicle! I make my way over to the breakdown lane from the passing lane, but I’m about five seconds to late. The one band still holding on lets go, and my bike crashes to the ground. 😦 It appears to be only cosmetic (scuffed seat and a chewed up grip on the handlebar), but I did drop it off at the local bike shop for a once over. I should hear from them tomorrow morning. I have my fingers crossed.


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3 responses to “Joy and sadness”

  1. canary11 says :

    Hey Heather–at least now it will look like your bike has actually been ridden 🙂 You keep it in such perfect condition I was beginning to have my doubts. I’m sure your baby is fine, just some cuts and bruises 🙂

  2. Heather says :

    Yeah, the Rocky Mountain is all set to hit the trail!

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