Chesterfield Gorge Ride, Part II, Photos from Karen

Our ride today was just as Heather described. Pleasant, social, with enough exercise and scenic landscape to keep anyone happy. We even remarked that both our significant others may in fact like this trail, despite the fact that neither one of them owns a mountain bike. Of course if they came along there would be no talk of my Earth Science teacher 🙂

 It should be noted that we did this ride on day two of shotgun season–the big hunting week in Massachusetts for Deer Hunters.  I saw one with a gun longer than my leg on the truck ride to the trail head, head to toe in camo spare the safety orange vest.  And after I was safely out of the woods, I saw another man, limping along route 143 with his shotgun in hand.  I can only guess why he was limping. I felt like I was in another part of the country.  And I was relieved to be out of the woods. 

So I have included some photos here–one of the gorge itself, one of Heather and this last one I’m taking a poll on. Heather spotted this long pink and white thing in the center of the trail right at the spot we were to turn around due to environmental re-engineering and the trail became limited to foot traffic only. So–our guess upon inspection was that it was a spinal column–perhaps of a big rodent? Gross, but cool. You be the judge. What the hell is it?


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3 responses to “Chesterfield Gorge Ride, Part II, Photos from Karen”

  1. pat says :

    I can’t tell how big the odd item in the trail is, but it reminds me of a fish skeleton, like something I’ve found on the beach! Maybe a bear or a fisher left it….?

  2. Heather says :

    Thanks, Pat. I know I didn’t think of fish, and we were right by the river. It was about 6 inches long if I’m remembering correctly.

  3. canary11 says :

    I thought it was more like 12 inches. Maybe somewhere in between?

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