A ride cut short

It was time to get rid of the racing slicks, the ones on the car, so I dropped it off at the tire place this afternoon. Instead of spending the two hour wait in their waiting area reading old issues of People, I took off on the bike to run errands. I headed over to the library and ended up borrowing this book. I’m halfway through it, and it’s really interesting. Might make for some good reading for those of you not planning to ride when it drops below 40 degrees F (no names, of course). When I stopped in to check on the status of my vehicle, I was told it was almost done. Who’s ever heard of car repairs being done ahead of schedule? I had been on my way to the bike shop (an early Christmas present for me) and the grocery store. After paying the bill, I figured food won out over early holiday gifts. For today, at least.

Karen and I are still planning on riding tomorrow, but the location has changed. If you were thinking about meeting us at Wendell, so you could bail in case Karen really did wear long johns over her cycling shorts, email us for the new location. Instead of posting our itinerary for any serial killers or crazies (life, as in dating, has its crazies…good crazy and bad crazy) to read, we should only give out the details to those who email us. Makes the suspect list a little shorter.


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One response to “A ride cut short”

  1. craigdurkee says :

    good to make use of your bike when the gas guzzler is being fixed good on ya

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