Yeah! Snow!

Good thing I went with plan B yesterday. Now, I need to figure out what to do today; it’s the only time I have to ride on my days off (today and tomorrow). I do need to go grocery shopping, but I was planning to do more than would fit on the bike. It would be fun to go out for a ride around town; it makes doing errands a lot more enjoyable. I have no problem riding in the snow, but I’m a bit wary of the current road conditions. Drivers have a hard enough time avoiding us in the best of weather. Add the first snowfall of the season, and I may be asking too much from them. It has stopped snowing, so maybe I’ll write up a mini grocery list and check out the roads. Ok, more like the 100 feet of asphalt in front of my house.

I guess I have to retire the flip-flops for outside use now. In case you were wondering, the shorts are staying. Only if it’s ≤ 0 degrees, do I wear pants.


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2 responses to “Yeah! Snow!”

  1. canary11 says :

    You are insane, Heather.

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