Now that’s a bummer



I brought my bike to work today because I was planning on riding it home. Then I would ride back to work tomorrow, my day off, to retrieve my car. I decided I wanted to do a longer ride, so I came up with plan B. Ride around west county, return to work, and head home in the vehicle. I did 21 miles instead of 13, so my goal was reached (the longer ride goal for today). I figured I needed more miles to burn off one of these. I checked out the temp on the bank’s display towards the end of the ride, but shockingly, I forget what it was. It was 34 degrees or 37; low 40s when I started. My right foot was the one experiencing the block of ice feeling, but the left sock was the one with the hole in it at the end of the ride! Yes, my brandy new socks, too. I will bring them back to the shop tomorrow. I have never had a problem with this brand before, so I was a little shocked to say the least. I packed my toe covers, but for some reason felt I didn’t need to wear them. In the beginning I did not. When I hit the road heading back, that was getting no sun, I was cursing myself for not stuffing them in my pockets. Lesson learned.


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3 responses to “Now that’s a bummer”

  1. markowe says :

    I just KNEW those socks were trouble 🙂

    Man, it’s so cold outside, I just can’t face cycling? Am I a bad person…?

  2. craigdurkee says :

    nice one mate on the distance but dont you hate the cold, even here in australia the weather is weird, the last 3 days we have had 37 degrees which is boiling and today 14 degrees and rain go figure eh

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