30 Degrees and we want to do WHAT?

My Bike
Originally uploaded by sipclip&goOK, I’ll admit it. I’m having a tough time staying motivated now that the tempertures have really dropped. Heather & I have a mountain bike ride scheduled for 9:30AM at Wendell State Forest on Tuesday November 27th. If you email us and tell us you are coming too, I’ll HAVE to show up. You will be doing me a big favor.I didn’t get to ride last Thursday due to heavy rains. This weekend I have at my house my significant other who is sick, two kids, and a 12 week old puppy who is intent on chewing all my earthy possessions into pieces. And I thought kids were destructive! This is why I’m a cat person. But alas–blue skies, crisp air, no ride. Even the kids want to stay inside.

Nonetheless, I am staying true to my desire to keep active this winter on the bike. So–come ride with us, and you’ll see me with long johns over my cycling shorts, even that will be worth showing up for 🙂

Email us if you want to get a load of me & my long johns at sipclipandgoATgmailDOTcom.


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2 responses to “30 Degrees and we want to do WHAT?”

  1. canary11 says :

    To update this post, I’ve nervously checked the Accuweather Forecast and at this point in time, the weather is predicted to be cloudy and 47 degrees, F. This is within the realm of acceptable in my opinion. Plus, those temps should melt away any remaining snow. But, we ARE in New England. Look for the post after this ride actually takes place for the full report.

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