All things considered, a happy ending

I went for a ride the other day and was pretty sure I had frostbite of the toes upon my return. Today I decided to treat myself to Pearl Izumi Cyclone Toe Covers and Defeet Wool-E-Ator socks. Hey, I have every intention of riding through the fall and into winter. I’ll let you know how they work out. Besides getting colder, it is also getting dark a lot sooner. That means as cyclists, we are even harder to see. Adam Durand had a close call, and he and the bike made it through with no apparent injuries. I agree with Smudgemo’s comment (#6) re always getting the other involved party’s information. Even the witnesses if there are any. Hopefully, Adam and the bike are still feeling no ill effects twenty-four hours later. Keep riding, ride safe.

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2 responses to “All things considered, a happy ending”

  1. Jason says :

    Thanks for linking to and Adam’s story. We’re all glad he’s OK! I’m originally from Western Mass (Lenox) and will be back in the general area soon. Maybe a ride is in order…


    Jason Crane | The RocBike Review
    “Nothing To Lose But Our Chains!”

  2. markowe says :

    I envy you, it’s getting way too cold here to ride (for me at least), but your recent ride reports suggest you haven’t let the cold stop YOU.

    I guess that shows my lack of commitment to biking! I am not willing to buy special socks!

    Talking of accessories, I have just been waffling about the whole “to clipless or not to clipless” debate:

    What’s your take on all that? As you can see, I still have mixed feelings…

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