Mt. Toby Mtn. Bike Ride

Heather Descends at Mt Toby
Originally uploaded by sipclip&go

Hey! Whaddya know, Heather & I finally got a chance to ride together! We played a lot–forgot just how uphill the climb to the summit of Mt Toby is, and got to fool around with Heather’s gorillapod and the video feature of her camera.

It was freezing cold–we actually found snow in the shadows of stones near the top. My feet were like ice blocks and my fingertips stiff with cold. Heather showed up wearing shorts, and shook her head as I complained about the 40 degree temperture. To me, forty degrees are just not quite enough, but Heather has the internal temperture of a steam engine. I tried out my new jersey from Bike Nashbar–a men’s small fits OK most places but is a little long in the torso for me, a female. I had my camera and cell in the back pockets and it hung so low Heather remarked as only a friend can–telling the truth: “You look like you have a diaper on.” And I though all this riding was preventing me from having a droopy ass…..


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One response to “Mt. Toby Mtn. Bike Ride”

  1. Heather says :

    A fine example of our scathingly funny humor…

    “You look like you have a diaper on.”

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