Toby Summit Slog

Well, we finally did it. Yes folks, the scag bloggers actually went…wait for it…riding together! Funny how we started this blog to try and meet people to ride with us, and we have managed to pull it off once since the blog’s inception. We decided on Toby, and lucky for us, had repressed the last time we were there. We went up, up, and up. Yes, I have no problem with confessing we hiked the bikes a bit. The ride down was worth it. We actually took some video of the descent; Karen was the star and I was “running” the camera (Olympus 720SW on the gorillapod). It was bumpy and we have some excellent footage of my helmet visor. No, we will not be posting it to YouTube any time soon. Some of those diet coke and mentos videos on there are more exciting. But we had a great time and invite anyone to join us. The biking is a blast, the company great, and the humor scathingly funny. Email us at sipclipandgoATgmailDOTcom.


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