This is Cross, #2 VERGE Northampton 2007

This is Cross
Originally uploaded by sipclip&go

This is the best photo I took of the bunch. This guy looked great throwing the bike up as he jumped those barriers. At the end to the race, you can imagine racers are pretty fatigued, but he made it look effortless. Plus, I love his outfit! Heather gets annoyed with me when I pay attention to such things as bike fashion, which is why she refers to me a “foofoo mt biker.” So be it. But seriously, the design on his jersey was among the coolest at the race. I also was admiring some of the Rutger’s Team cycling jackets (where was UMASS at this race? I didn’t see anyone!) But let’s face it, cycling is one of the few sports where you can dress like a superhero and it’s considered normal. I embrace that 🙂


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