It happens on the East Coast, West Coast, and everywhere in between

I posted recently about vehicles vs cyclists in our neck of the woods. Bike Hugger had a post yesterday about incidents that occurred out their way. I was checking out the comments on Bike Hugger and thought Dave’s “only half joking” idea* had possibilities. Byron’s comment (#4) re keeping your cool in those types of situations is something I am still working on. I’m pretty sure there is no self-defense clause in road rage situations in MA, either. That’s another good thing about the bike, you might be able to take a route to get away that the operator of the vehicle cannot. Also, if you are being followed and you think you can make it home, don’t. Obviously, it’s your only option if there are no public places around, but if there are, go there instead. It might deter the subject from continuing with the harassment, but most importantly, they will not learn where you live. In case they were thinking about “finishing” anything at a later time.

Ok, I need to go ride soon so I can post some happy thoughts.

*SFW tip: turn the volume off before clicking-loud music


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