On the DL

I’ve been off the bike, and therefore the blog, the last few days because of a back problem that acts up without rhyme or reason. I make an “emergency” chiro appointment, start up the love affair with the ice pack, and get some well-deserved time off from my official dog walker duties. Last Thursday I went to buy some ibuprofen and an article on the Daily Hampshire Gazette’s front page caught my eye. The fee wall prevents me linking to the full article; here’s the gist of it posted on the Gazette’s blog. The reason for the immediate threat citation? When the officer located the vehicle, he found the truck with a note posted in the window. It could not be reprinted in the newspaper because of the profanity used in it. According to the Gazette the note “warns cyclists not to interfere or get in the way of the truck because ‘I will win.'” You usually hear of an immediate threat citation being issued to an elderly driver who starts to confuse the brake pedal with the accelerator. It will be interesting to see what happens, and with any luck, the Gazette will continue to follow the case.


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