Cold Weather Putting the Brakes on Your Ride?

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Sorry for the terrible pun. I promise I’m funnier in person. I’m blogging today because aside from not having a sitter so I can get a ride in…well the skies are ominous and the forecast poor. I used to be so much heartier (maybe I just had more to prove then). But I have resolved to stay as active riding this winter as my pain thresholds will allow. I’m a skiier, after all, so I’m OK with feeling a little chilly now and then.

To prove my dedication, I did something rare for me–I parted with some of my precious disposable income for a long sleeve cycling jersey. I’ll likely use this in combo with some wicking long underwear, but if someone is thinking Christmas present, think Bike Nashbar. Among my needs (and they are many–so I’ll stick to cycling), are cycling tights, a cycling jacket, skull caps, and a pair of cold weather gloves. As long as you’re dressed properly, there’s no reason to get out and ride. And Heather will finally have an excuse to get those studded ice tires she wants so badly. –see you on the trail, Karen


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