Bike Trails Lithia Springs, New & Improved!

Lithia Reservoir 2
Originally uploaded by sipclip&goSo–I headed out mountain biking this beautiful morning, and decided to go to an old haunt, just a few miles from home. Lithia Springs connects with the Mt Holyoke Range and there are literally dozens of trails. I almost always get lost when I ride here, many of the trails look similar and nothing is marked. Well, after being absent for a few years I’m happy to report of some changes. #1.) Limited access to trails! No more ATVs, dirt-bikes or snowmobiles allowed. #2.) The dirt parking lot is CLOSED, and it is now gated–good and bad news. I understand they are controlling access here as this trail system was no doubt wildly abused (evidence of parties can be found in the form of abandoned fire pits, beer cans, mattresses in the woods). But parking was ample–now it’s first come first serve. #3.) Trail Markers!!! Yes, someone actually put SIGNS identifying TRAILS out there! God bless you, whoever you are! Now–not all the trails are marked, but the main ones are. So if you have a map, you have a good chance of figuring out where you are. rather than using my method–statistical probability. I see a fork in the road and say “It’s probably this way.” and I’m right most of the time.

Anyway, with the assistance of the trail markers, I found an entirely new spot to ride, all around the reservoir. There were several trails off this main one, and I explored a few but double backed as to not get turned around too much. The trails out there are by nature very rocky and technical. There are lots of rocks firmly embedded in the ground, and others are loose and make negotiating them tricky. As an added plus, the trails are almost entirely covered with leaves (many of them slippery with water from yesterday’s rain), so you can’t really tell what your riding over until it’s knocking you off your bike. Needless to say, my ever rusty technical skills got a handy polishing this morning, and I actually started to really get up and over some stuff that I wasn’t able to as recent as one ride ago. It doesn’t take much to get it back, but you gotta get out there and just tackle it.      –see you on the trail, Karen


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