Hats Off to the Cross Nut

I was just cruising around the net and came across a blog that should be duly noted!  I’ve seen it before, but his recent posts with video from the Gloucester Gran Prix (days 1 and 2) and another video from the Sucker Brook ‘Cross race in Auburn, NH is definitely worth clicking thru and watching.  See his extremely cool blog here: http://cyclocrossnewsnet.blogspot.com/ 

He’s out of Wolfeboro, I believe, so I know the neighborhood–I roam Ossipee and the White Mountains each summer ever since I was born. 

I feel I’m hankering for a cross race–yet my life confines me here–it’s the usual suspects of work & family demands.  I barely get out to ride once a week.  Anyway, I’m chomping at the bit for November 4th when the VERGE Series hits Northampton, Massachusetts at Look Park.  Until then, thank you to the Cross Nut for bringing the video to the masses.  Yours–Karen


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About Karen

Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

2 responses to “Hats Off to the Cross Nut”

  1. Little Timmy says :

    Get outta here Karen. I’m flipping around the net, much like you, and here you have this website with all this ‘cross stuff on it. Holy crap!
    Glad to see that you’re out there riding and staying true to the masshole/NHredneck roots. I didn’t make it out to Northampton as I was out in Boulder for the UCI races there…bummer I didn’t get a chance to see you and say hi. Take care and say hi to the rest of the family for me!

  2. canary11 says :

    Hey Tim! Yeah, I hoped you’d be in noho, since I couldn’t make Gloucester. It’s amazing how much that Northampton race has grown in just a couple of years–it just seemed like a LOT of people were there. I check out your results when I can, keep up the great work and say hi to Matt & Claudia & everyone!

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