Bikes and traveling

photo: Karen

Thank you to markowe at MTB-Serbia for mentioning us in his bike links yesterday. Looking around his site got me thinking about bikes and traveling, again. Really, it doesn’t take much.

The first long trek dream route I have planned for the United States is this one. I would also like to explore the UK by bicycle. I have read there is some excellent mountain biking there as well. New Zealand is on the wish list. Come on, how cool would this be? Other places on that list are Whistler, Serbia (thanks to markowe), and the Prague region looks like it has some very interesting cycling.

I will be traveling to St. John, USVI, in early 2008, but did not find much in the way of biking. There was one outfitter that offered a guided mountain bike tour, but that’s all I found. I have seen mentioned in a few forums that road riding is heavily advised against by people who live there. Steep, narrow roads with many of them unpaved. Hell, most of St. John is a national park. I have no doubt I will find other things to do without my bikes for a week.

In May of 2003 I traveled to Banff in Canada’s Alberta province. I found Andrew Olive’s site before I left, and arranged a tour through his Canadian Rockies Trail Tours. We went to Golden in British Columbia, and rode some of the Moonraker Trail System. We did go down the Canyon Creek Trail. Andrew was an excellent guide; easy-going, helpful, and willing to go the extra mile to make my ride a highlight of my trip. Still is I might add, after four years. Here’s a photo looking over the edge on the Canyon Creek Trail.

credit: Heather


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One response to “Bikes and traveling”

  1. markowe says :

    My pleasure – let’s share the love 🙂 Actually, there aren’t as many biking blogs around as perhaps there should be, so it is good to connect with other bloggers.

    As for this view off the edge of a canyon… brrr…! I like canyons as much as the next guy, but actually leaning off them is not my cup of tea!

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