Playing in the woods is fun at any age

Today I decided I was mountain biking, going solo be damned. I checked out an area in Northfield, but I wasn’t really sure where I could park. I had a map of trails, but that was it. I also forgot my gloves, license, and cash. Sound like someone else we’ve read about? I went home, grabbed those items, and headed for a state forest in the area. Thank you to the two gentlemen who let me “tag along” for 50 yards or so. No really, I did have a mechanical failure. It was a simple fix (it really was!) and I continued on my way. I never caught up with them because I chose left, and they must have gone right. Because of that little courtesy, though, I tried a trail that I always wanted to and decided I did not want to stick to the fire roads. That had been the original plan. I did do quite a bit of hike-a-bike around a pond, but the Rocky Mountain is light thankfully. I ended up on some single track, and proved just how rusty I am. I won’t go into details. I’m still hoping someone contacts us to go riding!


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One response to “Playing in the woods is fun at any age”

  1. canary11 says :

    Hey Heather, must be our age, we keep forgetting things. Maybe we should start taking vitamins or that other herb, I forgot the name of it…..

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