Sharing the road with others

The information at Bicycle Safe is excellent for those of us commuting to work (ok, thinking about it really hard), running errands, or just riding for the pure joy of it. In an earlier post, I mentioned I was almost a victim of collision type #6. I was not paying close attention to that side of the road because I was coming up on a four way intersection, and was watching the vehicles with the stop sign on the right. I picked up on the vehicle as soon as it crossed into the northbound lane I was traveling in. I had the time to react, brake, because she had a stop sign from the left, and was just picking up speed. When I see a vehicle at a side street, I usually stand up in the pedals. My thought on this is it makes me a larger target, therefore, easier for the operator to see. I will also shut out a “hello” if I don’t think the driver has clued in on me, yet. It did work once. The driver stopped quick, he even smiled and waved as I went by. He must have appreciated the points I saved him on his car insurance.

Thank you to RocBike for trolling the bike-o-sphere and finding the great links.


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