Posting much later after the ride


I was looking over my Rubel bike map before I left this morning, trying to decide where to head to. I ended up biking in Northfield and Warwick and it was a good ride, about 28 miles. No, still no battery for the bike computer. I have this thing about never returning the same way, but today I had to break that cardinal rule. We were going to see a friend of a friend open at the Iron Horse, Antje Duvekot, and I was not sure exactly where I was in regards to the loop I had planned. With my sense of time, which differs quite a bit from real time, I actually decided it was best to head back the way I had come. Must be the maturity and sense of responsibility finally coming into play now that I am almost 40. According to the Heather sense of time, it’s right on schedule.


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