The Ride That Wasn’t

I admit it, I’ve been favoring the road bike this year.  This is something in the past I NEVER thought would happen, but age, convenience, and the LIVESTRONG Ride in August placed me on the road bike almost exclusively this summer.  I went out on the mt bike once with Heather.  It was raining.  We went on a trail we’re OK on mid season–not the first ride of the season, which this was.  I was off my bike so many times I think I just lost heart.

 But deep down, I’m of mtn biking stock.  I love the woods, love being in them, love dodging trees and roots and rocks and the occasional wild critter.  So today was the day I went back to my roots.

 I got the mountain bike down from her hooks, she’d been hanging there, unclean and caked with the mud from that first ride in the spring (bad girl I am–I should take care of my things better).  I pumped up her tires, threw her in the back of my pickup, and suited up.  Most of my cycling gear was dirty from actually having a chance to ride this week (a rare thing presently) and I was at the bottom of the dresser, digging out my first ever pair of lycra biking shorts from 2000. 

Excited, I drove to the trailhead of one of my favorite local spots–Batchelor Street in Granby, MA.  It’s  part of the Holyoke Range and there are some fantastic trails there.

 I drove out there and pulled into the dirt parking lot, only to realize I had not brought my shoes.  OK–I had only about 45 minutes to ride anyway, now with a back and forth, that left me about 10 minutes to ride.  This ride was not happening today. All dressed up and nowhere to go 😦


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Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

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