Riding Sept 27

Here’s what a day off should look like:  road riding through South Hadley, Granby and Belchertown.  Destination: The Quabbin.  Heather, I wish you could join me.  We really need to find people who know how to change a tire tube.  Then I might start bringing one with me instead of a cell phone.  Can you believe there could be snow in a month?  It was 90 today.  I thought we were done with this.  Looking to do about 30 miles.  I need to clear my head….


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4 responses to “Riding Sept 27”

  1. bgraef says :

    I have no idea where you people are from. England??

  2. canary11 says :

    Nope, western Massachusetts. We were planning on getting to that. We just started this blog less than a week ago. So–we primarily ride our bikes in western Massachusetts including the Berkshires, the Pioneer Valley, Franklin County, and I have been known to venture as far east as Holden and Paxton, MA.

  3. Heather says :

    I do know how to change a tire tube.

  4. canary11 says :

    I guess I’ll have to actually buy a spare tube.

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